Tooth Restoration System CS3000

The CS3000 system of Carestream Dental is a high precision milling mashine, as it has four axis with a motor, without ball bearings for high quality prosthetic restorations. The CS 3000 unit is ideal for restoring individual teeth. The design of the milling mashine is compact and its operation is silent, vibration free during sharpening, so the dentist can work the CS3000 even in his office.

Κοπτικό αποκατάστασης δοντιού carestream dental CS3000
CS3600 ενδοστοματικό scanner carestream

Intraoral Scanner CS3600

With the Carestream Dental CS3600 intraoral scanner, the dentist can quickly & easily scan each jaw. The result is in real colors and 3D images. These can then be used in the CS Restore recovery program to design inlays, crowns, and so on.

The CS3600 intraoral scanner uses a new generation of technology to capture multiple images per second  (60+ fps) and this results in the video being simulated.

Restoration Design Program CS Restore

CS Restore of Carestream Dental is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) software that simplifies and automates the recovery planning process. Thus, dentists are able to automatically design a physical and functional rehabilitation of individual teeth with fewer steps.

CS 3000CS Restore works with the CS 3600 intraoral scanner and the CS 3000 milling mashine.

CS Restore Λογισμικό Cad Σχεδιαστικό Πρόγραμμα αποκατάστασης δοντιών

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