The RVG 5200 unit, is the ideal, low-cost solution for basic intraoral imaging applications. With true 16lp/mm resolution and a new ergonomic design the RVG 5200 can accomplish all your radiodiagnostic needs while avoiding the hustle of analog imaging. Instead, all the benefits of digital imaging are instantly at your disposal.

position expose view RVG5200 carestream dental
RVG5200 σύστημα ψηφιακής απεικόνισης carestream dental

RVG 6200

Meet the RVG 6200—the digital intraoral sensor that adapts to you. From a simplified workflow to user-defined image processing tools, the RVG 6200 is designed to work for you (not the other way around).And, with its straightforward installation process and integration with most imaging and dental practice management software, the RVG 6200 fits easily into any practice.

RVG 6500

The RVG 6500 unit of Carestream Dental, packs the latest developments in technology used for digital radiology which results in images with great clarity and high resolution.

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