Medical Systems P.C. I. KRITIKOS, S. ROMANIAS has a technical service department with well-trained technical personnel with extensive experience – over 25 years – and has invested in new digital technologies, recruiting new staff, specialized in the use of new and modern imaging methods.

The company has Application Specialists for demonstration of the systems and can meet additional needs directly with the help of construction companies.

It also has a spare parts warehouse to ensure full and uninterrupted operation on the machines it supplies, both during and after the warranty, free of charge, and for at least another decade.

The organized technical service department of the company ensures speed and quality customer services, the equipment and the stock of spare parts made in such a way as to provide always the best service at the best time.

Medical Systems P.C. I. KRITIKOS, S. ROMANIAS has been founded since October 2009 in privately owned facilities in the Acharnai area, ensuring the quality of the systems and technical equipment, secretarial and financial management, modern technical service, as well as and sales and stock department for the immediate service of its customers.