Radiation Protection Shields & X -Ray Shielding

Medical System P.C. I. Kritikos – S.Romanias, apart from the supply and technical support of medical equipment, is one of the first companies in Greece specializing in radiation protection and x-ray shielding of radiological facilities.

The use of innovative techniques by our company creates the maximum overlap, as well as the absolute uniformity of protection throughout the walls.

Over the past 30 years, we have shielded over 50% of radiological facilities, old and new, across Greece.

Apart from the wall shielding, our company manufactures and can supply you:

  • Special radiation protection doors (with metal case, with internal Pb shield and heavy duty bearings for hospital and non-hospital use).
  • Sliding radiation protection doors.
  • Radiation protection and lead-glass windows with special metallic radiation protection frames, with internal Pb shielding.
  • Radiant protection panels: fixed, with wheels, on ceiling, with the possibility of placing a lead glass for observation.
  • Specialized construction of radiation protection, such as caches of radioisotopes and residues, hobs for  radiopharmaceuticals nuclear medicine.